Welcome to my site dedicated to those who want to learn the Shamanic Journey method of meditation. Podcasts are available in iTunes!

Hello and welcome to my site dedicated to those who would like to learn Shamanic Journey meditation. My name is Terry Jensen and I have been practicing this method of what I call “active meditation” for about 15 years. I call it “active” because it is not done in silence per se, and there is a purpose for each journey.

I began Shamanic Journeying by teaching myself through books, and then as my life unfolded, I learned about the practice of Core Shamanism through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and began formal training. The formal training only reaffirmed what I was already doing, increasing my confidence and broadening my horizons!

Join me in exploring this avenue of self-development and you will be amazed at the paths that will open in your life… I continue with podcasts posted in iTunes, along with their written summaries on this site, all with a focus of guiding the beginner.

I am a retired school teacher, a Reiki Master/Teacher and Shamanic practitioner. My life continues to unfold…


The year 2014 was full of Ordinary Reality challenges: the loss of close family members (including our dog Buddy, a faithful companion for more than 17 years) and the near-loss of our son. I have continued with my own Shamanic growth, training and healing work, and am returning to my web site to make continued improvements.

I have just published my latest podcast dedicated to those who are experiencing difficulties getting started. Please check out Episode 10!

Podcast downloads do continue to climb–all over the world. Please feel free to write to me via the Contact page, or visit my Beginner Shaman Group on Facebook. We welcome your comments!