Welcome to my site dedicated to those who want to learn the Shamanic Journey method of meditation. Podcasts are available in iTunes!

Hello and welcome to my site dedicated to those who would like to learn Shamanic Journey meditation. My name is Terry Jensen and I have been practicing this method for over 15 years.

I began Shamanic Journeying by teaching myself through books, and then as my life unfolded, I learned about the practice of Core Shamanism through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. There I began my formal training. This only reaffirmed what I was already doing, increasing my confidence and broadening my horizons!

Join me in exploring this avenue of self-development. You will be amazed at the paths that will open in your life. I continue with podcasts posted in iTunes, along with their written summaries on this site, all with a focus of guiding the newcomer to learn how to journey.

I am a retired school teacher, a Reiki Master/Teacher and Shamanic practitioner. My life continues to unfold…


2016: Year of Metamorphosis

Last  year was a year of transition where Spirits worked more assertively with me: they brought me others for healing from around the world–both online and in person–and stretched our healing boundaries. Early 2016 started my own year-long journey where I experienced profound guidance and healing: I lost 37 pounds, changed my eating habits and was brought closer to Nature Spirits. This path ultimately led me to a long-time hero and  mentor and has brought us together to join forces. My own learning, teaching and healing has intensified. As I look back at 2016 I see the path was so clear; however, at the time I had to trust and take each day as it came. Regular reflection taught me that a plan was in place and I just had to trust and enjoy the ride…

I continue to trust as the adventure of 2017 unfolds…

As mentioned above, I am in the early stages of joining forces with well-known and respected Shamanic Practitioner Gizelle Rhyon-Berry. We are in the planning stages to offer workshops in the Vancouver and Okanagan areas of British Columbia. Stay tuned for updates at this site!

Podcast downloads do continue to climb–all over the world. Please feel free to write to me via the Contact page, or visit my Beginner Shaman Group on Facebook. We welcome your comments!